After years of self-study, continued with  U.Fiorentino, M. Lazzaro for electric guitar and Maestro Carlo Carfagna for the classical guitar, as well as numerous master classes; later i graduated in Jazz Guitar at Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome. Start playing straight away with the orchestras in the Italian squares working in many different musical situations, from pop music to rock to country to jazz duo, from dance ballrooms to fusion, trying to accumulate as many experiences as possible. At the same time work with singers of traditional Roman and Neapolitan music and start working in recording studios.

Then comes the group 18KT, with which I carve a single in 1997, published by RaroRecords participating in various television shows. In the subsequent formation of the group we are dedicated to re-arrange cover pop-dance trio, proposing in clubs and music clubs throughout Italy collecting about 800 concerts until 2004, at which period beginning the approach to the guitar synth.

At the same time beginning his teaching and in 1998 for the PoloBooks out 'the complete manual of the electric blues' in an Italian edition completely revised by me with the enclosed CD. At the same time, I also edited the audio CD of the 'Handbook of the right hand' of the same publishing house.

Beginning to teach in the schools of music in 1995 at "ARS music" in Colleverde (Rome) and AICS Guidonia (Rome), from 1996 to 1999 is professor of guitar courses at the "People's University of Rome". Since 1999, at the music school in Rome "Neuma". I teach in public schools from 1997 to 1999 in middle school and Pio IX in 2001/2002 at the Newton high school in Rome, in 2003/2004 at the Art Institute of P. Mercuri at Marino (Rome). I also held workshops on sound and effects for guitar, my great passion.

In 1997 begins the collaboration with Rita Pavone, following years of touring in Italy and abroad (Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia, Canada) until 2004-2005, as well as three and a transatlantic cruises Mediterranean with MSC Opera, ending with the touring play 'My endless tale.' With Teddy Reno in 2004, on the occasion of the ninth Prize Lirico 'Giacomo Lauri-Volpi,' with a show Tribute to Frank Sinatra '. In 2000, register the guitars for the television show 'Giamburrasca' was broadcast on Mediaset, the music is arranged by Paolo Ormi with whom I then recorded the guitars for the opera singer Paride Pandolfo.

Start to devote to composing original songs, now I'm working on the production of a CD with my music.

In March 2005, during the first concert of Ian Paice in Switzerland outside of Deep Purple, I perform with rock artist 'George' then continuing the partnership in the same year with concerts in northern Italy.

I also worked with several orchestras in pop music, including a big concert in May 2005 at the indoor stadium of Budapest in Hungary, exhibiting together with Baglioni, Antonacci, Bennato, Alexia.

From December 2006 to the present are electric guitarist in "Renzo Arbore L'Orchestra Italiana" , in recent years have followed about 300 concerts in Italy and around the world, including two US-Canada tour, one tour in China, exhibitions in Mexico, Spain, Malta, Monaco, etc. in addition to concerts in the most prestigious Italian theaters.

I played in several TV shows such as: 'Quelli che il calcio, ' 'Porta a Porta', 'La Vita in Diretta' for channels RAI and host several radio broadcasts.

Some important Italian theaters in which I performed: Sistina and Brancaccio (Rome), Arcimboldi and Smeraldo (Milan), Verdi (Florence), and the Gran Teatro La Versiliana of Torre del Lago (Lucca), and Augusteo, Bellini ( Naples) Teatro di Verdura (PA) Bellini (CT) Ariston in Sanremo, Alfieri (TO) Sferisterio (MC) Petruzzelli (BA) Valli (RE) and many others

My music on the publication 'Il training autogeno, corso teorico pratico' published EDUP 2011